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Tenerife Weather makes it the ideal place to take a holiday for north Europeans due to its close proximity to northern Europe (only a four and a half hour flight from the UK). Tenerife has great weather, numerous beaches, plenty of activities and pass times available. This article has been crafted with a view to giving anyone interested in holidaying in Tenerife some general information on the island and about Tenerife Weather. Full forecast and live webcam click here -> Tenerife Weather

Enjoying an amazing sunset with view to 'Pico del Teide' on Tenerife. Amazing colors and view you don't get anywhere else! Another amazing photo from www.gran-canaria-weather.com ! Read more clicking on the link!

Mount Teide is the highest mountain in Spain, with this peak reaching 3718 meters above sea level. If a tsunami ever comes to the beautiful Gran Canaria Wave this is probably a spot that will stay dry. Teide is a peak in the middle of an inactive volcano on Tenerife. Weather there is a bit different than the rest of the island, being above 3000 metres, you can actually expect it to be cold and in winter snowy. But don't worry at sea level the beaches would still be 25+ degrees during the day. So enjoy this microcontinent. Full forecast and live webcam click here -> Tenerife Weather

Tenerife Weather

Those beautiful flowers are so common on the Canary islands, and still so full of color and life, growing among the rocky ground here. Of course the excess of sunshine helps, as well as the warm Tenerife weather. The Canary islands are having spectacular nature due to their tropical climate. Enjoy this picture of one of nature's wonders from Tenerife.

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