Puerto de Mogan

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Weather in Puerto De Mogan, Gran Canaria



Puerto de Mogan is a small resort on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria. Situated 20 minutes from Maspalomas, 45 minutes from Las Palmas and just 10 minutes from Playa Taurito, this attractive little town is an ideal resort in which to spend a glorious family holiday. Puerto de Mogan offers one of the best Gran Canaria Weather experiences on the island, due to its southern location. Full forecast and live webcam click here -> Puerto de Mogan

Puerto De Mogan

Forecast for Mogan, Spain

Last Update: 17.12.2017 07:31
Altitude: 174 m
 09:48     20:10Today
19:00 2.8 m/s53%6%
21:00 1.3 m/s61%12%
23:00 0.9 m/s69%13%
 09:48     20:11Tomorrow
01:00 0.8 m/s72%31%
03:00 0.7 m/s73%16%
05:00 0.5 m/s73%1%
07:00 0.7 m/s77%21%
09:00 0.4 m/s80%24%
11:00 0.4 m/s68%0%
13:00 1.8 m/s59%0%
15:00 3.0 m/s58%2%
17:00 2.9 m/s53%2%
19:00 1.8 m/s55%4%
21:00 1.3 m/s62%1%
23:00 1.7 m/s66%14%
 09:49     20:11Tuesday 19.12.2017
01:00 1.1 m/s64%0%
03:00 1.1 m/s64%1%
05:00 1.6 m/s65%6%
07:00 1.6 m/s67%20%
09:00 2.1 m/s68%41%
11:00 2.4 m/s64%32%
13:00 0.9 m/s54%11%
15:00 1.7 m/s53%58%
17:00 3.3 m/s55%73%
19:00 3.5 m/s61%56%
21:00 0.5 m/s71%55%
23:00 1.6 m/s69%74%
 09:49     20:12Wednesday 20.12.2017
01:00 1.3 m/s63%73%
03:00 0.4 m/s67%22%
05:00 0.8 m/s70%2%
07:00 0.4 m/s73%5%
14:00 2.3 m/s53%16%
20:00 0.8 m/s55%1%
 09:50     20:12Thursday 21.12.2017
02:00 1.6 m/s51%0%
08:00 2.3 m/s48%0%
14:00 5.2 m/s34%82%
20:00 1.6 m/s38%0%
 09:50     20:13Friday 22.12.2017
02:00 1.2 m/s53%0%
08:00 2.9 m/s60%0%
14:00 5.8 m/s39%0%
20:00 0.9 m/s44%0%
 09:51     20:13Saturday 23.12.2017
02:00 1.0 m/s53%0%
08:00 2.1 m/s62%8%
14:00 2.1 m/s57%62%
20:00 1.6 m/s59%53%
 09:51     20:14Sunday 24.12.2017
02:00 0.8 m/s71%9%
08:00 1.9 m/s66%6%
14:00 1.8 m/s43%23%
20:00 1.3 m/s58%77%
 09:52     20:14Monday 25.12.2017
02:00 1.9 m/s43%25%
08:00 2.3 m/s42%0%
14:00 2.0 m/s33%0%
20:00 1.5 m/s37%0%
 09:52     20:15Tuesday 26.12.2017
02:00 2.2 m/s44%0%
08:00 4.2 m/s57%0%
14:00 1.8 m/s27%0%
20:00 0.6 m/s39%0%
 09:52     20:16Wednesday 27.12.2017
02:00 1.5 m/s47%0%

Puerto de Mogan’s central canal is transversed by Italian type footbridges, hence it is often referred to as the Little Venice of the Canary Islands. There is a great diversity in the style of buildings here, from old whitewashed villas and quaint fishermans cottages to modern buildings. In the heart of the town is the church of Saint Anthony which is home to magnificent carvings and statues. If you enjoy sailing you won't fail to be impressed by the 225 mooring marina where you will see all different types of yachts and sail boats.

Puerto de Mogan itself is a labyrinth of tiny streets and alleyways all waiting to be explored. After exploring the town you can take a leisurely walk around the harbour and enjoy a nice peaceful meal in one of the many restaurants, cafes, bistros and tavernas.

Puerto de Mogan has some of the best fish restaurants on the island along with restaurants serving traditional and international cuisine. Made from beautiful golden sand imported from the Sahara Desert, the beach here is ideal for all the family to enjoy the suns rays, swim and snorkel in the lovely warm waters and mild Gran Canaria weathe.

Puerto de Mogan has a dive centre that provides lessons, equipment for hire and diving excursions that include reef, cave and wreck dives. There are lots of excursions on offer including underwater trips in a yellow submarine, dolphin spotting cruises and tours of the outstanding Gran Canaria mountains. A must for the family is a trip to the nearby resort of Meloneras where you will find not only beautiful beaches and a promenade but also the Holiday World roller coaster theme park and the adventure waterpark Aqualand.

Puerto de Mogan is home to the Anfi Tauro 18-hole golf course with it's stunning views, lakes, waterfalls and gardens. Enjoying a sub-tropical climate, the Canary Islands are the ideal location for holiday packages in the sun for the whole family.

During the summer months Puerto de Mogan enjoys average temperatures of around 26 degrees celsius to 28 degrees celsius, an average of 10 hours sunshine a day and very little rainfall. During the winter months the temperature varies between 14 degrees celsius and 21 degrees celsius with around minimum of 10 hours of sunshine a day which makes the resort a great place to book one of the last minute holiday deals to at any time of the year. Add to the great climate sea temperatures which rarely go below 19 degrees celsius and Puerto de Mogan becomes an ideal all year round destination for the whole family to enjoy.

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