Playa Del Ingles Weather

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Weather in Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria



Playa Del Ingles, meaning the Englishman's Beach is one of the popular tourist destinations of Europe attracting thousands of visitors. It is a holiday resort situated on Gran Canaria and is famous for its sand dunes, the Sea and the Sun. Playa Del Ingles Weather makes it one of the the busiest resorts in Europe. It attracts visitors from all over the world with warm weather, its vast stretches of sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters that lie between the Maspalomas dunes to San Augustin. Full weather forecast and live weather webcam click here -> Playa del Ingles Weather

Playa Del Ingles Weather

Forecast for Playa del Ingles, Spain

Last Update: 17.12.2017 07:35
Altitude: 113 m
 09:47     20:10Today
19:00 6.2 m/s60%11%
21:00 5.5 m/s65%20%
23:00 5.1 m/s64%38%
 09:47     20:10Tomorrow
01:00 4.4 m/s64%33%
03:00 3.6 m/s64%16%
05:00 3.9 m/s65%20%
07:00 4.6 m/s66%15%
09:00 4.7 m/s66%0%
11:00 5.3 m/s64%0%
13:00 7.3 m/s58%0%
15:00 8.2 m/s55%0%
17:00 8.6 m/s55%1%
19:00 7.5 m/s56%0%
21:00 5.8 m/s65%0%
23:00 7.3 m/s67%3%
 09:48     20:11Tuesday 19.12.2017
01:00 7.9 m/s67%0%
03:00 7.7 m/s69%0%
05:00 7.8 m/s76%3%
07:00 7.8 m/s77%8%
09:00 7.4 m/s77%29%
11:00 7.0 m/s75%38%
13:00 7.7 m/s71%38%
15:00 7.9 m/s68%43%
17:00 7.9 m/s67%13%
19:00 7.4 m/s65%13%
21:00 6.1 m/s70%6%
23:00 5.5 m/s72%6%
 09:48     20:11Wednesday 20.12.2017
01:00 5.8 m/s69%20%
03:00 6.1 m/s68%28%
05:00 5.5 m/s69%24%
07:00 5.6 m/s70%41%
14:00 8.1 m/s61%69%
20:00 6.7 m/s68%2%
 09:49     20:12Thursday 21.12.2017
02:00 6.0 m/s50%0%
08:00 7.6 m/s64%20%
14:00 8.2 m/s51%97%
20:00 7.3 m/s48%24%
 09:49     20:12Friday 22.12.2017
02:00 8.8 m/s55%0%
08:00 8.7 m/s65%16%
14:00 9.0 m/s51%0%
20:00 6.9 m/s52%0%
 09:50     20:13Saturday 23.12.2017
02:00 8.0 m/s56%0%
08:00 8.9 m/s66%66%
14:00 8.0 m/s68%64%
20:00 6.5 m/s64%2%
 09:50     20:13Sunday 24.12.2017
02:00 5.9 m/s69%19%
08:00 6.0 m/s63%15%
14:00 7.8 m/s50%16%
20:00 6.6 m/s46%87%
 09:51     20:14Monday 25.12.2017
02:00 6.4 m/s52%25%
08:00 7.0 m/s63%1%
14:00 8.0 m/s48%0%
20:00 6.2 m/s51%0%
 09:51     20:14Tuesday 26.12.2017
02:00 7.1 m/s50%0%
08:00 8.1 m/s56%0%
14:00 8.8 m/s50%0%
20:00 7.2 m/s47%0%
 09:51     20:15Wednesday 27.12.2017
02:00 7.6 m/s51%0%

When you are planning for a vacation with lots of outdoor activity and want lots of sand, sea and sun then come to the Playa Del Ingles and you will be delighted by what you can find here. Playa Del Ingles is known for its scenic beauty as the entire sea front is made of a lovely and carefully maintained lush gardens of Paseo Costa Canaria.

With its various facilities and amenities custom built for the modern day vacationer in mind, Playa Del Ingles is one of the best summer vacation destinations in Europe, with amazing temperatures that are mild and enjoyable at the same time, making Playa del Ingles weather one of the finest on Gran Canaria. There are many types of activities to engage you and your family while enjoying the weather in Playa Del Ingles.

There are many water-based activities like scuba diving, snorkeling for those who want to go deep into the seawater. For those who want to splash into the ocean can find the activities like jet- skiing, wind surfing and banana boat rides etc are there to keep you engaged and can make you enjoy the vacation to its maximum. Out of water activities like amusement arcades, golfing, skydiving, go - karitng, horse riding and camel riding are also available here while enjoying the warm embrace of Gran Canaria Weather.

Playa Del Ingles weather makes it possible to visit many interesting places like the Parque de los Cocodrilo, the crocodile park having more than 300 crocodiles from various parts of the World and it has an attached zoo that houses many rare and unique animals from around the world. The Sioux City is a theme park based on the Wild West theme and you can enjoy the shows here with Cowboys, Indians, and Mexicans etc. The water parks are the latest attractions in Playa Del Ingles and you can visit the water amusement parks in Aqua Park in Puerto Rico and Ocean Park and Aqualand Aquasur. The visit to the city of Arucas is a must to enjoy the town that is sitting beneath a dormant volcano.

The other places of interest include the Museo Canario, the museum in las Palmas, the Reptiles park at Reptilandia etc. Apart from these the Palya Del Ingles offers many activities like Golfing, Camel rides, Jeep Safaris, Boat Trips, Big Game fishing etc. No Doubt that the Playa Del Ingles Weather will provide all types of enjoyment to your whole family.

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