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Puerto de Mogan is a small resort on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria. Situated 20 minutes from Maspalomas, 45 minutes from Las Palmas and just 10 minutes from Playa Taurito, this attractive little town is an ideal resort in which to spend a glorious family holiday. Puerto de Mogan offers one of the best Gran Canaria Weather experiences on the island, due to its southern location. Full forecast and live webcam click here -> Puerto de Mogan

The Cardon is a type of cactus, of the largest known and growing on Gran Canaria, reaching 5-10 meters.

Its origin is from Argentina, but you can find a few of them on the island of Gran Canaria.

The sides are flat and the edges are sharp and have protrusions along its length,
ending in each of these two spines 4-5 mm long.

Their flowers are small, reddish-brown color.

These cactus secrete a type of latex that is extremely poisonous, especially when in contact with the mucous of the human body.

Their water needs are somewhat higher than for the rest of the cactuses family, but fitting good with the Gran Canaria Weather.

In the winter on Gran Canaria it will not need much water.

Gran Canaria Weather

Some photos from the beautiful Tauro resort. Situated inbetween Puerto de Mogan and Puerto Rico, this small cove is protected from winds by high rocks on both sides. This way it has a fine, typical Gran Canaria Weather and often little higher water temperatures than the rest of the island. There you can also find beautiful gardens, small waterpark, shops and restaurants, to enjoy in this absolutely great Gran Canaria Weather!

Even on a cloudy day at Puerto de Mogan there are quite enjoyable places. And yes, weather on Gran Canaria can be cloudy every once in a while.

Let's go to the beach and enjoy the great weather on Gran Canaria! This sunny day near Mogan is a perfect moment to share with you! Beach, sun, ocean and more of nature's beauty - what more can we ask for? This is a small beach surrounded by huge rocks, which makes it quiet and actually warmer. Another of the stunning places on Gran Canaria and in particular in Puerto de Mogan. Enjoy, share and be happy!

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